OMG the overwhelm I have when it comes to picking meals that are balanced, everyone likes, doesn't cost $12798, quick and easy enough for Scott to cook - is insane.  So I decided to make life easier and make a dinner roster.  I put together 3 weeks worth of meal content and then I gathered the recipes, ingredients, the tips for Scott and put them together into these little meal plans.  I even went one step further and created a 'list' in our Woolworths account so that each week we just hit add to cart for that weeks list and then checkout! How easy!!

Ok maybe one small thing I'm missing is that you do still have to add stuff for kids lunches each week, but you can also make a list for that stuff and and add to cart too!

We've been doing this for a couple weeks now and it seems to be working.

Some notes:

  • I HATE food waste.  So the purpose of the snack platter each week is to chop up/cut up whatever veggies, cheeses meats you have left in the fridge and have that.  We even boil eggs, roast zuchinni, add some crackers and dip, nuts, whatever is in the house still.
  • I feel like tuna sandwiches are controversial in Australia?  But I'm from England lol! We'll be subbing this out for Reuben sandwiches sometimes.
  • You might have noticed that we love homemade pizzas - they're the best and so easy for a Friday night! I usually add whatever cheese we have to mine.  I deeply believe that CHEESE IS LIFE!
  • Somethings I don't have recipes for like the salad bowl - really just add whatever you want to your bowl.
  • This does make meals a wee bit more boring as you essentially eat the same thing every 3 weeks but I think it's easier while the kids are young and fussy.
  • I've left them as word docs so you can edit (and yep I brand everything in my life, I love branding).

Anyway! I hope they made help someone.

Nikki xx

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3