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Hello friends! Being in the jewellery business I am in touch with lots of brides and something I’m hearing about more and more is the fantastic idea of a Bridesmaid Proposal Box! If you’ve not heard of them yet they are a really fun way to ask the special women who will share your day if they’ll ‘do you the honour?’ and support you on your big day.

Because I have had so many brides asking for personalised jewellery to add to these boxes I thought that I’d give you some hints and tips for putting one of these boxes together and hopefully give you some inspiration!

Ideas for a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

These boxes can be called ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ boxes or the catchier ‘Bridesmaid Proposal Box’ but regardless of what you call them, you need to pop some special goodies in them as well as a card asking your question and make it look super special! You can fill your box with whatever you like and the what you fill them with are only limited by your imagination!

Draw inspiration from the women you’re asking to help you personalise each box; or go with a theme that matches your wedding destination, say tropical or rustic; or you can find inspiration from the season, wedding colours or theme.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box: What’s Inside?

The Card
You’ll need a card to fit the theme of the box, ask the question and share your special words in! 
The Box
Look to your wedding theme for this one; black for a contemporary wedding; kraft or plywood for a rustic or boho theme; or go with the classic glossy white if you’re working with a colour theme.
The Padding
You need to keep everything safe so you’ll need tissue paper or shredded tissue inside.

The Personalisation
Personalisation is the key to your box! You want your girls to feel super special so aim for personalisation with names, your bride tribe nickname or similar on some of the items inside and make sure you pop in a photo of the girls together, bridesmaid dress details, important dates and any other special information they’ll need.
The Theme
Overall you’re looking at a theme you want to stick to so everything looks like it belongs. Again, go for your wedding colour or theme; a rose-pink or soft-pink will give a girly-type vibe to the box; gold, silver or black is always a modern and classic look!

The Gift
Apart from the little bits and pieces in the box, a ‘hero’ gift in the box is ideal, think along the lines of a personalised pendant necklace like our popular bridesmaid choice the Lola (above), the Harper bracelet (below) which are both perfect for a dainty touch to any bridesmaids outfit; add in a super-special candle, or something they can keep forever, is key.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box on a Budget

There are a lot of different businesses that specialise in Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes and if you take a look on Pinterest you’ll find heaps of ideas, but if you’ve got a large wedding party you may find it’s another cost that can add up very, very quickly and for those of us on tighter budgets why not put something together yourself?

All of the boxes are big on personalisation to make them special, but you don’t have to go overboard financially, in fact using some of your creative talents will make the box even more meaningful to the recipient. Adding that special ‘hero’ gift can be something as creative as making a gorgeous coaster that doubles as decor from sliced agate and a permanent metallic sharpie. Or getting your craft on and hand making some glamorous earrings for the day, they’re the perfect gift your girls will wear on the day are a great addition to the box!

Make sure you include a champagne glass or glam water bottle; you can buy personalised stemless or traditional glasses on Etsy for around the $10 each. Add in a small bottle of bubbly with a personalised label; you can get creative with some labels from Office Works to cover the original label and make it look special! Some nail polish for the day or relaxing face-masks, bath bombs or lotions are a great idea, as are sleeping masks, personalised robes or slippers for the wedding morning.

Honestly, you know your bride tribe better than anyone, after all you’re asking these women to support you on the most special day of your life, so don’t hesitate to make your Bridesmaid Proposal Box extremely personal and filled with the things that mean something to the girls!


Maid of Honour and Flower Girl Proposal Box Ideas

Maid of Honour Proposal
Your Maid of Honour takes a special place in your tribe and her proposal should be a little different to the rest of the gals. Make sure you either add her special title on her personalised gifts, give her a different piece of jewellery to the others or perhaps her box could be a different shade in your colour theme.

Asking the Flower Girl
Flower girls are generally quite young and obviously champagne glasses aren’t going to be appropriate! But depending on her age, role and maturity of your ‘Petal Patrol’ a smaller box with a bracelet with her name on it, like our Little Girl Bracelet is a memento she’ll cherish, some candy or a toy to keep her up on the day, some natural nail polish and lip-gloss will all make her feel as though her role is something very special to you.

I hope the suggestions above have been helpful and don’t forget that we’ve got a Pinterest Board (ADD LINK) full of great ideas so that you can make your own Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes or find a supplier who will take care of the lot for you! I’d love to see what you end up doing for your bride tribe!

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