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Hello! This week I thought I’d share some of our most popular layering pendant necklace options and layering trends that are perfect for day-to-day wear and keep the memories of your special moments just next to your heart!

Layering necklaces has become such a popular jewellery statement and I can’t see the trend slowing down any time soon. I think it’s because it’s such an individual way of showing your particular style and because it’s done with such delicate necklaces is never looks over the top! Don’t forget, we can personalize any of these sets or single pendants to create your very own special memories with names, dates or initials and we’ve also got constellations and star signs that you can use too!

Layering Basics

In case you’re new to layering your jewellery or you don’t have the confidence yet, here are a few rules to follow!

  1. Who Is Your Hero?
    Choose a ‘hero’ piece and build your layers around it ensuring it stays ‘front and centre’ in the mix.
  2. Stay Skinny.
    Make sure your pieces are all around the same dimensions. Look for all delicate chains or super slim rings to keep it classy!
  3. Mix It Up!
    These days mixing metals is celebrated rather than frowned upon! Don’t be worried about adding some rose gold into your silver mix.
  4. Think Ahead.
    When you’re purchasing items to layer, make sure you think ahead to whether they can be worn separately too so you get a bigger bang for your buck!
  5. Low is More!
    Go low or go home, girlfriend! This isn’t the time for a high neckline otherwise you’ve wasted your look! Make sure you leave a few buttons on your shirt undone or wear a v-neck or low-necked tee so everyone can see your creation!


Some gorgeous options below show you clever ways to create your family details using layers!


By combining the Eva Bar and Chloe Pendant you can fit a family of five easily! Pop yours and your partners initials on the Eva Bar and add the kids initials on the Chloe pendant below!


If you’re looking to fit in whole names, a great combination is the Milan Pendant and the Isla Bar. The parents sit above on the Milan Pendant with names in curved stamping and the children’s names sit below on the Isla bar. Perfect!

If you’re looking to create something totally individual, you can’t go past the Isla Bar with Piper Half Pendant! Combining these two gives you space for initials on the Piper and a choice of names, initials or even dates on the Isla. It’s a great choice for Mums with individual style.


The Kate Ring necklace is a gorgeous addition with the Mia Bar and keeps the whole look light and lovely! The Kate Ring symbolizes eternity, so you don’t need to worry about any initials there and the Mia Bar is large enough for names and a heart symbol if you like.


The beautiful Sofia Pendant combined with the Mia Bar gives you the ability to fit as many pendants that you might need for the initials of a bigger family and then pop the parent’s names or initials on the Mia Bar. Smaller families could put parent initials on the Sofia and the kiddos below!


You can’t go wrong purchasing the Isla Bar and Sienna pendant layering combination! It’s cool and classy and you can fit longer names, dates or initials on the Isla Bar with space for parent initials on the Sienna pendant.



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