What is handstamping?

What is handstamping? 

Good question! Handstamping is a metal work technique where an impression is made in metal by using a stamp and a hammer. Every single letter and symbol is aligned and stamped individually, this is what makes each piece slightly different and beautiful in its own right.  I know what you're thinking, EASY! but there's a bit more to it than Just that.

In our studio in Brisbane, Australia we cut each piece of precious metal then personalise it to your details (hand stamp it), polish, assemble and package it. It's really a labour of love and all done by hand but the finished piece is one to cherish.

Do we make mistakes? Yes, lots of them, and these are added to our scrap pile.  While they'll always be slight differences in each of our pieces, our promise is we only send out what we're 100% happy with so you can rest assured your order will look great. We've made over 5,000 necklaces so have lots of practice! 

If you'd like to see more photo of our quality please check out our instagram or Facebook pages.  They're full of photos of past orders and might provide some inspiration for your order.




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