Making Gifting a Whole Lot Easier!

Honestly, each year it seems like Christmas in the shops comes earlier and earlier! This morning I heard that Kmart are already getting Christmas stock onto the shelves; it’s only the 4th of October! But it did get me to thinking about gifts in general and how the whole process of deciding what to buy for those you love happens. Some people are planners and have their gift lists done and dusted by the start of November and others are more likely to get the majority of their shopping done in the 24 hours before Christmas Eve!

Planning Really Does Make it Less Stressful though!

I know that some of you aren’t planners but it actually does make things less stressful and it’s one less thing you need to worry about as Christmas, or a birthday, draws nearer! Now I don’t know if you’re on there but there’s a great website called Pinterest and it’s like a digital pinboard where you ‘pin’ all of the ideas you need to keep in order. I’ve been on Pinterest for a while now and it hit me that a really simple way to plan Christmas gifting is to start a Pinterest Board that matches the person and pop all the things I think they’ll love in it so when it’s buying time I don’t need to think twice!

Christmas sorted! You can make Boards for the kids, for your guy, for your parents, whatever you like! And, even more helpful, organize everything you need if you’re hosting Christmas this year. Start a board for Christmas lunch recipes, table decorations, even DIY crackers if that’s your thing!

I’d love you to follow our new Pinterest board - Kellective by Nikki Gift It -  that I’m filling with heaps of great gift suggestions for Mums, wives, grandmas, the kiddos, besties and even the boys get a look in!

Pinterest Is a Pretty Cool Place!

Apart from the Boards I’ve made with our products in them, I’ve put together lots of Boards with things that I love and I’m pretty sure you will too! Because I know a lot of you are getting married, we’ve got a gorgeous Board, The Kellective Bride, full of the latest bridal trends to inspire your celebration.

Having two boys and another bubba on the way I’m a bit obsessed with gorgeous stuff for little ones so there’s a great board where you’ll find lots of Mama inspo,

The Kellective Mama, and because we Mama’s need to keep on top of a million things I’ve got some other great boards to help you look great, keep healthy and catch up with friends and family.

I’d love to see you on Pinterest and keep up with the things you guys love and get inspired with all that you’re pinning! Pop over and follow us at Kellective By Nikki Pinterest

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